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You’ll hear us (and other electricians) talk about being a ‘Level 2 electrician’, or an ‘ASP’. But what exactly does that mean, and why might you need a Level 2 electrican?

What is an ASP/Level 2 electrician?

ASP stands for Accredited Service Provider – it’s a certification program for electricians. There are three levels of ASP certification.

At ASP Level 2, an electrician is licensed and trained to provide installation and maintenance on overhead and underground service lines between the network and your home or office.

Why would you need a Level 2 ASP?

Has the power ever gone out at home, even though everything on the switchboard looks like it’s on? Has a tree fallen onto your overhead service wire, cutting power to your home? Situations like this are when you need the assistance of a Level 2 ASP.

Level 2 ASPs specialise in reconnecting your power to the network and testing installations to ensure your home or office has power – and most importantly, is safe. They also tackle routine jobs that involve the mains network, such as upgrading switchboards and installing smart meters, and more complex connections due to renovations or new home builds.

Typical Level 2 ASP tasks

    • Disconnecting and reconnecting power
    • Installing private poles
    • Arranging temporary builders’ power supply
    • Upgrading switchboards (meter box, main switch, safety switches, earthing system, neutral links)
    • Replacing and repairing service fuses
    • Upgrading overhead and underground consumer mains and service mains
  • Upgrading electricity meters Testing home electrical installations from service mains to internal circuits

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